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петак, јул 29, 2011


Thu, Jul 28 – Earning With Ads (update) Posted on July28, 2011 by VirtaPay Earning With Ads As mentioned in the last blog post, we are working on a new feature that will allow you to begin earning with ads—our Ad Sharing program. The ads are already visible on the website. Our developers are currently working on completing the programming necessary to bring this feature to life. Affiliate Program Launch Along with the Ad Sharing program, we expect to launch the first part of our affiliate program. The affiliate program is free to join and those who earn commissions from it will be paid directly with either a mailed check or by direct electronic bank deposit. New Tutorials Coming In addition, at the same time Ad Sharing launches, VirtaPay will release a tutorial that explains many ways you can use VirtaPay to earn a steady stream of regular money (US$, €, £, ¥, etc.) to your existing bank account. The Ad Sharing program is just one of the methods that will be explained in the tutorials. At this point, we estimate that the new Ad Sharing, affiliate program and new tutorials could go live on the website as soon as August 12th. After That… Once the Ad Sharing program has launched, our developers will move on to another big project that will give our users massive potential for profit. This will be the second stage of the Digital Delivery project, and it will be integrated with a greatly expanded affiliate program that will allow our users to earn a recurring commission of up to $100 per month for each referred sale. We don’t have a time estimate for when this will launch yet. But, it is the next project in line after the current Ad Sharing, affiliate program and tutorials have launched. Thanks for participating as we work to take VirtaPay to the next level! http://virtapay.com/r/bountym

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